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Programing - Conceptual Design

Conceptual design is the initial phase of the design process, in which the broad outlines of function and form of the project are determined. This is a collaborative process between the designer and Client to determine project requirements that establishes the general scope, conceptual ideas, budget, scale and schedule of the project. The goal of the conceptual design phase is for the client to have in their hands a design they are happy with.

construction documentation

After completion of the Conceptual Design phase JDA shall prepare the plans and specifications required for permit approval, contractor and supplier bids, and construction of the project describing the scope and quality of the project, the materials, equipment and other elements required for the construction of the project.  Construction documents will include floor plans, elevations, schedules, details equipment specifications with plumbing and electrical rough-in plans

Bid assistance 

JDA will review general contractor and supplier bids issued to the Owner to ensure that the solutions proposed are complete and conform to the general requirements of the construction documents and specifications that would result in the best proposal possible. Make recommendations and suggestions to assist Owner with the selection of a successful bidder.

Construction observation 

Review of contractor’s submittal documents and observation of construction work throughout the project to determine that work conforms in general to the requirements of the construction documents and that the contractor has implemented and maintained the integrity of the design concept of a project.  At project closing, JDA will walk the project site with the Owner and Contractor to prepare a “punch list” of items requiring correction or completion.

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